📋All notifications explained

Upon following a Trader on Tycoon Signals, you gain access to an array of detailed notifications (Signals) sent directly to your connected Telegram account. These Signals provide you with real-time visibility into the Trader's trading strategies and decisions, presented in an easy-to-understand format. This transparency empowers you to grasp the logic behind their trades and, if you choose, replicate these positions independently on your own exchange account. Let's explore the different types of Signals you'll receive:

1. NEW TRADE - Discover the Latest Opportunities 🆕🚀

When a Trader enters a new trade, you'll receive a notification that reveals the key details of the trade. From the trading pair and leverage used to the trade's size and entry price, you'll have all the essential information at your fingertips. Stay informed about the latest trading opportunities and act swiftly to potentially capitalize on them.

The first line displays you the Trader name and provides the Link to his profile on the platform. "NEW TRADE" means that he opened a new position. Line three displays the size of this trade in token and USD.

Additional Notification:

FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW - Control Your Signal Preferences 📲✅❌

We value your control and flexibility in choosing which Traders' signals to follow. When you decide to follow a Trader, you'll receive an important notice confirming your decision and encouraging you to stay tuned for their trading signals. Conversely, if you choose to unfollow a Trader, you'll receive a notification notifying you that you won't receive their trading signals anymore. These options allow you to curate your signal preferences and tailor your trading experience to suit your needs.

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